Case Studies

The Client: Western Canada’s Leading Construction Supply Company

The Problem: The client reached out to us for an uplift in web presence, and overall e-commerce experience, with the intent of modernizing their go to market strategy through the use of technology.

The Solution: We designed and developed an online e-commerce portal in Shopify that enabled them to make sales management more systematic and achieve record market growth vs. the previous year.

The Client: Large Global International Shipping Company

The Problem: The client was looking to reduce out of service time, and repair costs, for shipping vessels undergoing Dry Dock maintenance.

The Solution: Leveraging Big Data & AI we were able to deliver an Analytics solution that optimized how the client selects the location and type of maintenance required during Dry Dock service.  This has resulted in optimal maintenance schedules across the fleet, reduced out of service time, and is saving real dollars today. 

The Client: Canadian Indigenous Tourism Company

The Problem: The client was looking to add an online presence to their business which was significantly impacted during COVID-19.

The Solution: Our team designed a modern website in WordPress, with an awesome UI/UX, added e-commerce functionality through WooCommerce, and a powerful backend that allowed the client to manage their entire business without the need for third-party apps.

The Client: Canadian Not For Profit

The Problem: The client’s website was looking to improve member engagement through the use of their website which was primarily informational and focused on an overview of their services.

The Solution: We were able to build a state-of-the-art website which integrated membership functionality, such as registration, profile management, and account management functionality, online and resulted in a total digital transformation and measurable improvements in client satisfaction and engagement.

The Client: Brand New Clothing Startup

The Problem: The new business was in need of an economic online shop to cater to their customers’ needs and scale with them as their business grows.

The Solution: We developed a modern e-commerce website that enabled the client to manage inventory, accept online payment through Stripe, Paypal, and eTransfer, and manage shipping logistics seamlessly.  This technology provides the backbone they need to compete online today with the flexibility, and scalability, required to grow into the future.

The Client: Quasi-governmental Organization in BC

The Problem: The client was looking to overhaul their dated technology, remove an outdated on-premise server, and migrate all of their core business applications to the cloud in advance of a pending real estate move.

The Solution: Our team was able to help the client virtualize their onsite server to Microsoft Azure virtual machines, migrate their email to Microsoft Office 365, develop a custom application solution in Microsoft Dynamics, implement proven data back-up and recovery technology, and improve security through the use of MFA, endpoint protection, and anti-phishing and ransomware protection. 

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