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Resource Augmentation


Projects vary in length and degree of complexity, but all need qualified resources in order to get the job done. In some cases, it may be a specific skill set or a unique background that is needed to successfully approach implementation; or perhaps there has been a fundamental shift in direction and your existing resources are no longer capable of completing the task. In any event, you need highly qualified people, and you need them fast.

Our solutions include:

  • Positional Hiring
  • Contract Hiring
  • Short and Long-Term Resources

Resource Augmentation Advantage:

Our advantage stems from our understanding of the need for highly specialized resources for strategic project requirements. We appreciate that sourcing for projects is a balance between fit and ability. Our experienced Talent Acquisition team leverages our substantial talent resource pool to screen and interview thoroughly to effectively match candidates to project and organizational requirements.

We provide flexible resources for levels from senior management to front line implementation staff. We also deliver short-term resources to overcome critical bottlenecks.

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