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IT Maintenance

it maintenance

IT Maintenance

Phase 2 Consulting was founded on the principle that by delivering top quality service and strategic thinking to our customers, we’d provide them with the ability to focus on operating their businesses. At Phase 2, we’re comfortable managing your entire IT department or adding value to enhance your current IT department. With limitless options that can be customized to suit any business’ needs, we provide enterprise level expertise at small business pricing.

Our managed services group proactively monitors our clients’ environments 24x7x365 to allow us to detect and resolve most issues before they’re even noticed by the client. When problems do arise, we pride ourselves on providing a quick resolution by being both the first response and the escalation point. We strive to meet our goal of 100% uptime for your “business critical” infrastructure because, in our opinion, IT should be in place to enhance your business and, when it’s not working as expected, sales and relationships suffer.

What you get

  • Enterprise level expertise – Each of our consultants has many years of experience in large enterprise level networks which allows for enterprise level strategic thinking with small business pricing and a personal touch.
  • Prompt problem resolution – With qualified staff working on all issues, regardless of size, there is no escalation process. All of our consultants have many years of experience, which allows them to resolve problems on the first pass as opposed to the hierarchical troubleshooting processes followed by our competitors.
  • Remote and Onsite support – Specialized tools give us the ability to gain access to your infrastructure within seconds of a problem. This allows for all urgent issues to be dealt with instantly; it also allows us to consistently exceed our Service Level Agreement. When remote support is not an option, one of our highly skilled technicians can be engaged to provide best in class onsite support.
  • Service Monitoring – We are constantly monitoring your entire environment and are able to provide up-to-the-minute performance metrics. This allows you to plan for growth and consolidation within your IT infrastructure without any surprises. All logs, alerts, and audit trails are available at a click of a button which provides easy retrieval and peace of mind.

Let’s Plan Your Project

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